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Christa Forrest

I AM What I Dream to Be

I am a Stamford CT artist specializing in expressive female portraits using oil, acrylic and mixed media.  I focus a lot of my creative attention on women of color and the beauty of their natural hair. I try to create a voice, a statement through my work – telling their story without saying one word. I spend most of my time guiding and teaching others to see and feel what they are passionate about through creativity - a creative catalyst- sharing my creative process and journey with others.

We all have dreams.  Many times all of us in all of our differences seek the same thing. We are all as humans conceived, born, breathe and die the same way.  But even though our dreams might be similar - for some the Dream is harder and the journey is filled with too many obstacles to bear. Every little girl and boy - no matter where they come from, who they are should have the same ability to achieve their dream. They should be able to stand up and say “I AM WHAT I DREAM TO BE” It is possible. This painting is dedicated to all those that have achieved their dream - and give all those the hope to see that it is possible.   


Acrylic on black plastic lawn sign

Flip Side: Christa Forrest Say It Loud

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