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Bryana Sarsoza

Black Girl Power

The title of this piece is ‘Black Girl Power.’ In it, with acrylic paint and gouache, I’ve painted a fairy named Aisha, a protagonist from a children’s show called the Winx Club centered between text that reads “black lives matter” and “black girl magic”.

In my piece, I’ve chosen to draw the fairy in a powerful position: in flight with an unapologetic fist in the air and magic in her palm, aimed specifically at those who oppose what she stands for, and that’s uplifting black voices and people.

Growing up, I loved cartoons; especially those that revolved around young girls, because I loved being able to connect to characters. However, as an Afro-Latina, I couldn’t find many characters that resembled me, due to lack of diversity. Aisha was one of the first characters that I could relate to, with her melanated skin and coily, curly hair.

The Winx Club was one of my absolute favorite childhoods shows and was key to my growth as not only a person, but also as an artist. The show serves as both my foundation and inspiration. It sparked my interest in becoming an illustrator, and the specific character Aisha is responsible for helping me find my voice in art, and what I stand for as an artist: drawing girls of all kinds of backgrounds in a positive and beautiful light. 

As a black woman, I believe that it’s essential for young black girls to be able to see themselves in characters; especially powerful protagonists, and Aisha fits that mold with her vibrant personality and awesome magical powers. Along with being strong, and passionate, Aisha is a courageous fighter, and I can easily imagine her fighting for this cause and supporting this movement. 


Acrylic and gouache on black plastic lawn sign

Flip Side: Démonie Bailey Rise Up

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