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Démonie Bailey

Rise Up


My piece is a timeline of what has happened from our start here in America until now. The stances are to show us rising, and how far our unity has taken us. We‘ve come too far to just settle, we can’t stand quietly anymore. Black! Lives! Matter! My piece starts with the first picture being a slave man on his knees, basically surrendering himself, which takes place around the late 1800s. In the next image it’s a man praying and takes place around the Malcom X and MLK era and it symbolizes the hope that things will get better. The third picture is a recap of Kaepernick taking a knee; when we as a whole had to acknowledge that racism was not completely gone and people had to wake up to the reality that our fight was not finished. And the last image is ‘today,’ where we’re making sure we are heard, NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE! We have to stand by each other and support one another to see the change we want in this world.


Acrylic on black plastic lawn sign

Flip Side: Bryana Sarsoza Black Girl Power

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