Artist Callouts


Dear Beechwood Artists,


This Spring we are exploring the theme "JOURNEYS" with three exciting events and we would love to show your work across all three! We invite you to participate.

Juror’s Statement:

In its barest form, a journey is a change over time. It can be psychological or physical, linear or circular. It may be voluntary or imposed, straightforward or circuitous, difficult, easy or both and may evoke a wide range of emotions. It can be short or long (or endless!). It may be forgotten over the years or have a lasting impact on your life in a big or small way.

The pieces you enter must refer to/reflect on/be a product of/have been created during/been inspired by a journey you’ve experienced that has made an impact on you/your life.

Key Dates

  1. Submission Deadline: Wed Apr 24 midnight

  2. Notification of Selections: Fri April 26 midnight

  3. Drop-Off: Tues Apr 30, 12-7pm

  4. Pick-Up: Thu May 23, 12-7pm

Submission Fee: $10 for 3 entries

JOURNEYS Events: There are 3 events during the show where audiences will engage with your work.

  1. 1.Arts Immersion Salon Sun May 5, 3-6pm. The main event of our season with music, art, film, performance and culinary. (Artists can volunteer – first come, first served – or purchase a ticket)

  2. 2.Art Open House “StoryShare” Wednesday May 8, 6-8pm with the artists.

  3. 3.The Beechwood BFD: Friday, May 17, 7-9:30 A single facilitated conversation between 18 diverse people over a delicious dinner, exploring our theme through personal experience, followed by an ideation to better our community.

Click Here to See Details about the JOURNEYS Spring Season

ARTISTS: Register for the Artist Call-Out - $10

1.    Share Your Art

  1. Any medium

  2. 2 dimensional art must be no larger than 42” W x 54”H and must be wired and ready to hang on a central hook.

  3. Indoor sculpture limited to 24X24X24 and you may need to provide a pedestal

  4. Outdoor sculpture can be any size, will automatically get in and can remain in place through the summer season.

2.    Share Your Story

  1. When you register, you will be asked 5 questions about the story of the journey behind your piece(s) [see below]. This will be considered part of your entry, and if selected, it will be displayed alongside your piece.

  2. Art Open House & “StoryShare” – May 8: You may also have an opportunity to share the story of your Journey verbally during our artists’ StoryShare (5 minutes per story freeform or interview style – your choice).

This is a 2-part Entry: Share your Art then Share your Story

Email Your Entry To:

Send us one single email with the information exactly as described below:

  1. Subject Line: “JOURNEYS Submission” + Your Last Name

  2. Body of email: List of the 3 pieces submitted, numbered from 1-3, EACH with the following information: Your Name Title, Medium, Price, Dimensions H x W (please mark with H and W)

  3. Attachments: Attach a high res image of EACH piece. THE FILENAME OF EACH IMAGE MUST CONTAIN this info in this order: LASTNAME-TITLE-HxW-PRICE.jpg

  4. Your answer to the 5 questions about the journey behind your piece(s).

  5. 1.Describe your journey in 3 sentences.

  6. 2.How long was your Journey?

  7. 3.During what time of your life did this journey take place?

  8. 4.Where did this journey take place?

  9. 5.How and why did it impact you? (3 sentence max)