Artist Callouts

Calling ALL Artists!

Time To Get Rolling and Get “Fired UP!”

For Beechwood’s Spring Season

5 Easy Steps to participate in Fired Up!

  1. 1Read the Curator Definition of “Fired Up” below.

  2. 2Decide How to Collaborate in one of these EASY ways...

    1. EASY-ISH: BOTH ARTISTS CREATE A PIECE TOGETHER: Both artists create a single piece that interprets or references one or both sides of “Fired Up!”

    2. EASIER: ARTISTS SWITCH AND TRANSFORM EACH OTHER’S WORK: Each artist chooses an existing piece of their own and gives it to the other to transform into a piece representing Fired Up! Bonus: If you set it up so you take pictures all along the way from the same angle as you are changing the piece, WE will create an augmented reality video and embed it in your piece so people can “watch” it transform!

    3. VERY EASY: EACH DOES/SUBMITS OWN PIECE: One submits a piece that explores the negative aspect of “Fired Up!”, one the positive. We hang them together. Even easier! These could be existing pieces as long as they reference the theme “Fired Up!”

    4. RIDICULOUSLY EASY: SUBMIT A PIECE ON YOUR OWN: (Could be existing.) We will have our Demand-Poet-In-Residence, Elizabeth Howard write a poem that interprets your piece and will hang the poem with the piece.

  3. 3Reserve Your Spot Online & Fill Out Application: Click above and reserve a single space for your collaborative group. It will ask you what size. Your group will hang all pieces in a single space. You can reserve multiple spaces – $15 per space (up to 4 artists). Download and Fill out application. Please sign up by Sunday May 20.

  4. 4Drop your work off on May 29: 2-7pm

  5. 5Attend the events! Your work will be shown at multiple events throughout our Fired Up Season. We estimate 400 people will see your work. We also look for additional venues to exhibit these themed shows.

    1. Sat June 2, 8-11pm: "Fired Up!" Arts Immersion Salon featuring the great Nancy Harms. Can volunteer OR buy a ticket.

    2. Sunday June 3, 3-5pm Arts Open House 1: Creative Conversations With Artists & Pop-Up Performances, FREE and Open to all

    3. Wednesday June 6, 6-8pm: Arts Open House 2: Creative Conversations With Artists & Pop-Up Performances, FREE and Open to all

Fired Up – Definition The world today is becoming increasingly "Fired Up” in both the positive and negative sense of the word. Never have people been more passionate, excited and “ready to engage” as well as angry, fearful and “ready to fight.” Both ways get results one through inspiring people to engage and one through activism. Choose one or both of the definitions to explore: 

Fired Up: Full of energy, passion & enthusiasm. Ready to engage and move forward.

Fired Up: Full of anger, rage & resentment, mostly driven by words or actions of others. Ready to fight and move forward.

We can’t wait to have your work here as part of this collaborative event!

Frederic & jeanine xo


Volunteer We need volunteers for all events. Volunteers for The Arts Immersion attend free.

12 for the Arts Immersion Salon: week leading up and at the event. Volunteers attend for free.

3-5 artist to be on the panel and 3 volunteers (front desk, food, etc.) for each Arts Open House

6 volunteers to man the open gallery – various times

Important Dates – Please Read!

May 14: Application Deadline

May 29: Art Drop-Off 2-7pm

June 2, 7-11pm: "Fired Up!" Arts Immersion Salon featuring Music (with the great Nancy Harms.

June 3, 3-5pm & Wednesday June 6, 6-8pm: Arts Open Houses: Creative Conversations With Artists & Pop-Up Performances, FREE and Open to all

June 22: BFD #7, 7-10pm – On “Being Open”

Jun 24-25: Art Pick-up

Dates TBD: Storytelling Night and other pop-ups

Weekly Visiting: The Outdoor Sculpture Field and the Beechwood Gallery can be open 4 days/week, based on availability of volunteers to man the gallery and be docents.

Call-out for Fired Up! is closed. See you at the event!