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Collaborative Creators!

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Spring Arts Immersion Salon

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Sunday, June 4, 2017 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM EDT

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Beechwood Arts 

52 Weston Rd

Westport, CT 06880-1234  

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Frederic Chiu 

Beechwood Arts & Innovation 


Why Participate In Collaborative Art at Beechwood? 

Beechwood is a Unique, Collaborative, Innovative Experience: If you’re one of the 350 artists that have participated in our events in the past, you know that we push the envelope for art for the 21stCentury in a way that is challenging and ultimately rewarding, creating personal and creative connections that you never would have expected, integrating technology and other innovations into the artwork that is easy for the artist and creating a deeper connection between the audience and the creative process. The Arts Immersion Salon experience brings artists together with performers, musicians and even chefs, all interpreting a meaningful theme, which comes together in one collaborative, immersive, exciting event!.

Beechwood Finds Other Venues for your Art: Because our art shows go beyond the usual, we are able to create traveling shows that move to new and unusual venues. The works from our “Transformed” Salon last Spring has been to 3 different locations so far and has received a “Best of 2017” award at the Westport Maker Faire, where it was seen and experienced by close to 10,000 visitors! With the Arts Immersion Salons and open Houses at Beechwood alone, hundreds of people will see and interact with your work.

Beechwood Gets Audiences to Interact With and Buy Art! The average piece of art is viewed for 3.5 seconds in a museum and even less at crowded openings. At Beechwood, the art is meant to be interactive and people can spend 5-10 MINUTES with each piece. We have sold in excess of $50,000 worth of local artists’ work and, once in collector’s homes, the art continues to be interacted with by their guests.

“Giving Voice”

Giving Voice Through the Arts to Stories Among Us!
Beechwood Arts & Innovation
Spring Arts Immersion Salon
Sunday June 4, 2-5pm

Followed by 3 Open Houses with community conversations,
creative artist talks and demos and storytelling:
Tues June 6, 5-7pm
Thurs June 15, 6-8pm
Sat June 17, 4-6pm

Calling All Collaborative Creators!! Open to All!  

Discover Someone’s Else’s Story and Give Voice To It! We are looking for 2D Art, Sculpture, Film & Installation that gives voice to someone else's story

It’s Easy!! Here’s How it Works:

YOU Will
1. Ask the person to share their story and you film it on your cellphone. (Optimal is 5 min)
2. Make/choose your art piece based on WHATEVER their story inspires. 
     It does NOT have to be an “illustration” of the story. 
3. Send us the video and drop off your painting on Drop off Day.
4. Attend the Arts Immersion Salon and Open Houses!

WE Will
1. “Embed” the video into your painting so that when someone views the piece through their cell phone it will bring up your story being told!
2.  Find place for the show to travel after its run at Beechwood!


Any story of another person – significant or small -- can be used as long as you hear the story directly from them. Can’t find a story? Contact us and we'll connect you with someone to discover!

It Could Be…

  1. A story that needs to be told 

  2. A story of resilience or struggle

  3. A story of unsung kindness or generosity

  4. A surprising something you learned about a friend

  5. A story of transformation

  6. A funny story

  7. A story about someone/something that cannot speak for themselves

Important Dates:

  1. TUE May 2: Registration Submitted: The first 25 Artists will be accepted.

  2. SAT May 6: Exhibit Spaces Assigned

  3. MON May 29: Video of person (or someone else) telling the story – due online (take with phone)

  4. THU June 1: Art Drop Off ALL DAY 9am– 7pm


  1. The story/person cannot be about anyone famous or dead, nor can the story have been covered in the media. These are personal stories given a voice.

  2. The artwork does NOT have to be a “portrait” or a narrative or illustration that actually tells the story. It can be anything that the story inspires    continued see back

  3. You must submit a video of the person (or someone else or yourself) telling their story on video (using a cellphone) – no longer than 5 minutes – that we can connect to your work.

  4. The video should be the same orientation (landscape or portrait) as your piece if possible.

  5. An alternative is for you or the person to write their story in one page to be displayed with the work.


1.The first 25 artists will be guaranteed acceptance of at least one piece.

2.You can register without your piece being finished, but please provide as much information as possible.

3.All wall work must be delivered WIRED and ready to hang on hooks, no exceptions. Sculpture may require you to supply a pedestal.  Installation must be completed 1 week prior to event.

4.Pieces must be self-insured or, if not insured, artist must assume liability. (Note we have never had any issue with damage or theft but we are unable to guarantee insurance on artwork).

5.At registration, you must choose a type and approximate size of space from the options below. (We will try to accommodate, no guarantees!)

6.Once everyone is registered, you will be assigned a space with exact dimensions and wall color of that space.

7.Note: Limited number of spaces in each category! Assigned on a first-come basis. Choose preference –

-Wall Space large (approx 40W x 78H)

-Wall Space medium (approx 36W x 42H)

-Wall Space small (approx 18W x 18H)

-Small Sculpture Indoor (max 14Dx14Wx20H)

-Small Installations in unusual spaces (varies)

-Outdoor Sculpture (no limits)

Registration fee: $15 per submission    # of pieces _____Total Registration fee $_____