Artist Callouts


Beechwood Arts Spring Season At the Westport Library

Calling All Artists!!
This Event Could NOT Be Easier To Apply & Participate!
No Drop Off, No Pick Up, No Size Limit, No Hanging Instructions, No Entry Fee!

Jurors Statement:

Two Years Ago, The World Turned Upside Down. While it’s been challenging, this also caused many of us to reflect & rethink what is essential and important and to resign, redo, refocus, reinvigorate and reinvent our lives and our work to align with that. The “UpsideDown” season will explore these themes through Music, Art, Stories & Conversation across 2 unique Friday night events. The Art Event is Friday, May 13 at 7pm called “GatherRound UpsideDown” and is an opportunity for artists to show the work you created during this UpsideDown time that illustrates or speaks to your own rethinking, inspiration or reinvention.


Note: Taking the stage is not required to participate. However, for our last GatherRound at The Library there were 200 people, and 7 brave artists (who had some trepidation) got up there and all inspired the audience and were themselves inspired in return. So, we encourage you to be brave and go for it!

Important Dates & Considerations:

  1. EASY-PEASY! NO Entry Fee, Drop-off, Pick Up Or Size Restriction!

  2. 2 Entries Per Artist

  3. Application Deadline: May 1, 2022

  4. Notification of acceptance: May 4

  5. Art Opening & Artist Storyshare is May 13, 7-8:30pm at The Westport Library

  1. Not all accepted artists need to participate in the Story-share on stage, but all artists must attend the event

  2. All selected work will be projected on the massive, 10x18 ft digital screen on the stage in The Westport Library Forum May 6-15.

  3. In addition, work will also be featured in an on-line gallery on Beechwood Arts website May 6 – June 30, with publicity. (Beechwood Commission 25% per sale)

Entry Instructions: Please Read The Juror Statement And All Instructions Before Submitting - Thanks!

    “Upside-Down Submission” Artist First-Last Name, Title of Piece

  2. 2.ATTACH YOUR IMAGE per the following:

  3. Please make the FILENAME of your image this format, in this order: 

  4. All artwork orientation are accepted.  Landscape will offer the maximum projection size as the screen is 10x18 landscape, but other formats will be displayed with dark borders filling in.

  5. Your image MUST be hi res since it will be projected very large.  Accepted formats are .jpg or .png and image must be at least 300dpi or 2-5MB. 

  6. Image must include the artwork only, not the frame (unless it embodies a critical content component of the piece).

  1. 3.In The BODY OF THE EMAIL, please include:

  2. The Label Info:
    - Artist First and Last Name
    - Title of Piece
    - Medium (Short Please!): i.e Collage
    - Dimensions (HxWxD
    - $Price (Must Be For Sale)

  3. A short description about your story and how it aligns with the UpsideDown theme. (Max 250 words-ish)

  4. 4.Tell us how you want to participate – Choose #1 #2 or #3 below: Please Note: Being on stage is not a requirement.  However, you MUST be able to attend the event on Fri May 13 at 7pm

  5. ___ I’d like to share my story in a 5-min format from the stage with my piece behind me on the screen

  6. ___I would rather be part of an artist group on stage in conversation with the audience

  7. ___ I don’t want to be on stage at all, but will be there in the audience and have my work projected.


  1. 5.Submit Entry to