Artist Callouts


Beechwood Arts’ Winter Season Is At

The Westport Library!

Do or Die Art Exhibit

Calling All Artists!!

Feb 27-May 25

Will Be in The Jesup Gallery in The Forum

Beechwood Arts is collaborating with The Westport Library to host its winter season, “Do or Die,” at the newly transformed Library. The season involves 3 Events involving Music, Art, Storytelling and Community Conversation all around the theme “Do or Die” inspired by Beethoven and his tumultuous creative journey.

  1. Visual Art: Feb 27-May 25 “Do or Die” Art Exhibit, Art Open House & Gather Round Storyshare

  2. Music: March 5 “Do or Die” Beethoven 9th and 7th Symphonies Concert: A Musical and Technological Feat!

  3. Community Conversation: March 8 Beechwood BFD - A Community Conversation Over a Shared Lunch on the theme “Do or Die”

Juror Statement

By age 32 Beethoven’s deafness had advanced and total deafness was certain. Overwhelmed by this cruel crisis, he considered suicide but did not act because, in his own words “…it was my art that held me back… it seemed to me impossible to leave the world until I had brought forth all that I felt was within me.”  It was after this turning point that Beethoven became fearless & experimental and “shattered the ground rules of symphonic writing for all time,” composing the vast majority of his famed lifeworks as deafness overtook him.

The Art Exhibit “Do or Die” explores the path of visual artists who have faced a significant personal or creative crisis that called everything into question and where that turning point pushed the artist forward on a journey where they reached beyond their own boundaries and beyond the rules of their genre, forging new paths and finding their creative lifework in the process. If this sounds like you, we want to show your work and hear your story! The work you submit does not have to illustrate your journey, but should be in the style of your newly discovered "lifework." Your work will be exhibited in the spectacular new Forum at The Westport Library in the Jesup Gallery next to the stage. All accepted artists will be invited to participate in Beechwood’s “Gather Round” Artist Storyshare on The Forum Stage. (This is voluntary and not a requirement to show.)

Important Dates:

  1. Application Deadline: Jan 26 midnight (extended!)

  2. Drop Off: Feb 25 (Time TBD) at The Westport Library

  3. Art Open House & Gather Round Storyshare: Feb 27 6-8pm in The Forum

  4. Pick-up May 25 (Time TBD) at The Westport Library

Art Specifications For Entry:

  1. Wall Art Only

  2. MAXIMUM dimensions of each piece is 18” x 18”

  3. All work must be WIRED and ready to hang. Wire must be hung in the upper ¼-1/3 of the frame for the piece to lay flat on the library’s hanging system


To Apply:

  1. Register & pay the $10 entry fee. CLICK BELOW.

  2. Your $10 fee allows you to enter up to 3 pieces

  3. Send an email to Attach high res (>1meg) PNGs or JPGs of your work. All images must be labeled with a filename laid out as follows: LASTNAME – TITLE – PRICE - HxWxD.JPG

  4. In the body of the email, please include:

  5. The Information for the label for each piece: Artist Full Name, Title, Materials, Dimensions HxWxD, Price

  6. A 250 words or less statement telling your “Do or Die” story.

Applications for Artist call out are closed.