The Beechwood Open 2015


Thanks to all the participants, we had a beautiful and exciting day full of creativity in Visual Arts, Music, Performance, Film and Culinary Arts! See below for a few great memories.

The Beechwood Open 2015 #TBO15   

Exhibiting Artists

Judith Bacal

Claudia Besen

Deborah Bonnell

William Bonnell

Donna Brien

Miggs Burroughs

Lucy Krupenye

Diane Pollack

Dave Pressler

Aleksander Rotner

Ellen Schiffman

Susan Tabachnick

Micki Tiffen

Florance Zolan


Sue Gold, Qigong

Rob McMahon, Singer/Songwriter

Ian and Daniel Bertram, cello and piano

Katherine Kerr, storytelling

Frederic Chiu, piano

Mikki Baloy, Shamanic drumming

Alex LoRe, jazz saxophone

Delphi Dance Ensemble, Tribal Fusion Dance, with Emerald, Zephyra, Aleathea and Solarah