Arts Immersion Salon: Fundraiser

The Four Seasons with Joshua Bell

October 2012


The Four Seasons With Joshua Bell

Our Annual fundraiser was the Salon of Salons -- thanks in large part to our friend (and literally the world’s greatest violinist!) Joshua Bell who performed an unprecedented, once-in-a-lifetime program with Frederic Chiu for an intimate audience of Beechwood Arts Friends and Supporters. James Naughton and Rachel Rival read poetry of Vivaldi between movements.  The day started with a pre-concert Carriage House Conversation between Frederic and Joshua who have known each other since their teens.  The moving concert was followed by a reception and auction and a 4-course (four season), sit-down tasting dinner expertly done by Chef Raúl.  The ‘Four Seasons’ theme extended to the visual arts, film and the performing arts.  An incredible event and successful fundraiser!

Photos by Katie Settel Photography

Click on picture to hear Joshua Bell and Frederic Chiu perform Debussy’s “Beau Soir”