October 14


Reserve your seats for FATE Arts Immersion Salon

FATE: The Arts Immersion Salon

Sunday, Oct 14, 2-5pm

Explore FATE through world-class music,

art, theater and delicious bites - all in one event!

Frederic Chiu will treat Beechwood's audience to an exclusive sneak peek of his upcoming world premiere in Philadelphia of "Romeo and Juliet - The Choice" with a selection of pieces from the original piano score.

In Philly, Prokofiev's most popular ballet will be performed for the first time ever with the original piano scores rather than with an orchestra, by Frederic and dancers from around the country.

Most exciting is that in the original piano version Prokofiev actually wrote music for a little-known happy ending, as well as the traditional tragic ending. The audience in Philly will be able to vote on which they want to see, and their choice will be revealed live only at the moment Romeo finds Juliet.

At the Beechwood Salon, Frederic will be playing some of his favorite selections from the piano score along with a presentation of the corresponding scenes.

Frederic has recorded all of Prokofiev's music written for the piano, and his Romeo & Juliet is a critic favorite. He has become good friends with the Prokofiev family and is thrilled to be realizing his desire, of more than 25 years, to bring this score to life.

"Uphill Walkers"

A Theater-work In Progress

Singer, composer, and teacher, Sharon Spinetti, collaborates with Pulitzer Prize winner Madeleine Blais to turn her compelling memoir, Uphill Walkers, into a work of musical theater. They will take over the Beechwood stage to workshop key scenes from this story of a family overcoming tragedy.

Our audience will have the opportunity to hear this wonderful work first and to give input to what may become the next Broadway hit!

Madeleine Blais is a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, professor at UMASS, and the author of several books including “In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle” (finalist for the National Book Award) and “Uphill Walkers” (winner of the Ken Book Award).

Sharon Spinetti is a composer, singer, teacher and advocate for every person to express themselves through song! A world-wide opera performer, she has collaborated with jazz trumpeter Ray Vega on music that brings together jazz, classical, latin and world music. An inspiring teacher to all, she  founded the "Song-Girls Project" to help young girls express themselves through music and "Unmute Your Heart, Your Soul, Your Voice" to coach adults to find their singing voice.