Beechwood’s Spring Season


The Arts Immersion Salon, Sunday, May 5, 3-6pm

Dear Beechwood Friends,

In its barest form, a journey is a change over time. It can be psychological or physical, linear or circular, voluntary or imposed, difficult, easy or both and may evoke a wide range of emotions.

During this season, we explore, collaborate on and interpret all the Journeys that make an impact on our lives.  

The three events that make up our season embrace all arts genres, all generations and all backgrounds and provide innovative, immersive experiences for inspiration, conversation, community and collaboration through the lens of the arts. We invite you to join us at any or all of these diverse events!

Jeanine & Frederic


The Arts Immersion Salon will explore Journeys through music, visual art, sculpture, performance, film and culinary arts, and prepare the terrain for our inaugural Arts Open House “Gather Round” as well as our first BFD of the year.

More about the Salon HERE

Our first BFD of the year is a facilitated, single conversation around a hearty dinner, exploring the subject of “Journeys” through the personal experiences and perspectives of the diverse group of 18 people present. An idea-share follows, with the goal of the betterment of self and of the community. More about the BFDs

Art Open House “Gather Round”  Wednesday, May 8, 6-8pm

Our "JOURNEYS" Arts Open House features our first ever "Gather Round" StoryShare with the artists sharing their journeys that inspired their work in a 5 minute story format with the audience chiming in!

Enjoying art, having interesting conversations and seeing spontaneous performances are the heart of our Open Houses.

BFD  Friday, May 17, 7-9:30pm