Arts Immersion Salon: Resilience


Time Warp! A speedy view of how the installation Touched by Words came together.

Take the Beechwood Arts Sculpture walk.

Installation of “Touched by Words” under the Copper Beech tree by our Resilient artists.

At the Open House, Frederic plays an impromptu Chopin Etude.

Excerpts from the audience conversation on the subject of Resilience.

Resilience Salon Highlight Reel, with artwork, film, music and performance excerpts.

Enjoy Our “Resilience” Arts Immersion Salon-On-Line!!

Simply scroll down and start clicking to see excerpts from Resilience - videos of performances, photos of people, artwork, installations, conversation, etc. (Remember to click on the YouTube logo if you want to see a video on the largest full screen).

Celebrating the power of the arts and the resilience of the human spirit.

From March to May of 2015 we gathered a group of artists, musicians, performers, filmmakers, chefs & healers who had faced life-altering events, to collaborate and interpret the theme of Resilience. The goal was to create a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of the arts in an intimate, immersive and innovative event.

On May 31, 2015, all the collaborations came together for a live Arts Immersion Salon at Beechwood Arts in Westport, CT, with satellite salons tuning in from New Jersey, Texas and France as part of our Salon Around the World network.

Exhibiting Artists

Robin Kanarek 

Amy Oestreicher

Nancy Moore

Claudia Mengel 

Natasha Karpinskaia

Bob Keating

Drew Klotz

Michael Pinette

Curated by Jeanine Esposito


David Friedman, composer/pianist

Mindy Green, artist/energy therapist

Elena Mannes, filmmaker

Shawn Moninger, pastor

James Naughton, actor

Amy Oestreicher, actor

Anne Runofsson, singer

Yashar Yaslowitz, video production


Humanity Marketing - wine

Blue Lemon, Chef Bryan Malcarney


Produced by Jeanine Esposito