JOURNEYS Art Immersion Salon


The Arts Immersion Salon, Sunday, May 5, 3-6pm

The Arts Immersion Salon is Beechwood’s signature event and the heart of the season. Throughout the season we will explore the theme of impactful Journeys through music, visual art, sculpture, performance, film and culinary arts.


A “catalyst who uses the medium of music to bring people together,” Chris has done this for 20 years through prize-winning performances with The Chris Coogan Quartet and the Good News Gospel Choir. His music journey spans jazz, gospel, boogie-woogie and includes collaborations with many icons of jazz, Hollywood and Broadway.


An early musician, Karl began studying piano at the age of 4, jazz with Chris Coogan at 7, and classical at 10. Having just turned 14, he is already conversant in many jazz styles and brings his own personality to his virtuosic playing.

*Beechwood Celebrates Chris and Karl as our Mentor & Mentee for the season


A world-renowned concert pianist (and Beechwood Co-founder!) Frederic has played in major concert halls worldwide and in all 50 States, recorded 28 award-winning CD’s and is known for his innovative programming. For “Journeys” he will play a selection from his “Classical Smackdown” program, toured internationally and, most recently, on his “2K Tour,” a 2000-mile solo driving journey from the Plains to the Rockies.

DR. TIFFANY JACKSON (aka “Necessary Diva”)

Tiffany’s multi-dimensional life spans many journeys taking her from growing up in the neighborhoods of New Haven to being a music student at Yale to a Doctorate at UCONN; from Houston Grand Opera to South Africa with Oprah to singing for Mandela to America’s Got Talent; and from Carnegie Hall to Dizzy’s at Lincoln Center. Always full of surprises, she added the journey of becoming an accomplished body-builder and health fitness trainer!


is a magician, a fine art photographer, a corporate innovation consultant and a master ceramicist who trained in Japan with a sensei who he just recently took a journey back to see after 20 years.


In Alicia’s own words, this live body-painter “creates stories of survival and beauty on human skin and through fine inspire others to be un-apologetically themselves.” She will be live painting an emerging journey during the Salon for the 4th time at Beechwood–always a favorite!

VISUAL ARTISTS Represent Their Own Journeys

We are currently curating a compelling show of over 35 pieces of visual art, each referencing an impactful “Journey” of the artist. In addition to showing the work all season, on May 8, we will have an Art Open House with a “Gather Round” story share about those journeys. 


This perfect “Journeys” culinary partner is an innovative catering company with discerning clients, a stellar reputation -- and an important social mission. Ratatouille & Co trains and empowers women on difficult journeys to find their voice and gain their independence through building a career in the culinary arts.

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Follow us on Facebook now so you'll be ready for posts on "Frederic's 2K Journey" when he drove solo 2,000 miles from the Midwest to the Rockies, playing 11 concerts in 12 days. Hear about his intriguing journey and pick up answers to trivia questions we will ask at the Salon!

In his short 22 years on this earth, Scott Krulcik left a legacy of mentorship through his own example. If you had known him, you would have been surrounded by the light of his warm and always present smile, felt his genuine kindness and big heart and absolute authenticity, marveled at his brilliance, accomplishments and his humbleness. You would have been thanked by him, for even the smallest gesture, and you would have, in some way, been a recipient of his generosity, his help or his encouragement. Beechwood honors Scott by reserving 2 seats in his name at Beechwood for mentors who live as he did and for those whose lives they have touched.

*To kick off this award, we honor Chris Coogan and Karl Schulz at our Journeys Salon.

If you know a mentor/mentee pair that deserve recognition and free seats, we are taking nominations for future Salons.

Tales of Frederic’s Wild West Tour

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