2020 Schedule


Dear Beechwood Friends,

An important part of Beechwood's mission over the last 10 years has been to build a collaborative community of artists, performers and audiences across the divisions of age, gender, race, cultural backgrounds and lifestyles. We have been honored to welcome a diverse community across all of our events, including a large number of black artists, performers and audience members. We’ve been heartbroken and horrified by the many violent instances of black lives being extinguished and the evidence of enduring, systemic racism in our communities and our country. We stand in support of identifying and eliminating systemic racism and replacing it with respect and equal opportunity.

In these past tragic weeks, we have reached out to the members of our Beechwood community that are directly affected by these issues to discuss, collaborate and develop together a way for Beechwood to use our resources and our mission to best support them. The answer that emerged is AMPLIFY. The goal of AMPLIFY is to use Beechwood’s resources to support black artists and the black community by giving them control of the narrative and amplifying their voice while standing with them in support and solidarity.

For the next 2 weeks, we have invited black members of our creative community to participate with other artists they invite to collaboratively create visual art and to perform (and stream) from our Music Room or under the Copper Beech to share their voice in whatever way they choose through the lens of the arts. Juneteenth falls in the middle of this period and we will have a special performance that evening 7-9pm.

We know one of the key strengths of the Beechwood Community is our audience who is one of the most open, receptive and supportive audiences we know for artists. We know that you will support these amazing artists and their fight for true equality and will support them by viewing the art, watching the performances (and donating!) and joining the conversation. We look forward to seeing you - even virtually!

There are some details below but this is an evolving project that may take many paths! We strongly suggest you follow Beechwood's Facebook Page to BOTH "Like" and Follow" to get all the updates on AMPLIFY as it unfolds and follow our Instagram as well.

Jeanine and Frederic

Some Relevant History About Beechwood

400-Year Old Copper Beech Tree: On Beechwood Arts property stands a Copper Beech tree that recent estimates indicate is close to 400 years old. It has been a witness to the history of black lives in America since the beginning of slavery.

Underground Railroad: Beechwood’s main house was built in 1806, possibly earlier. Inside the house is a door that, when opened, appears to be a shallow closet, but whose side wall is a narrow entrance to a 4-room underground basement. It is believed to have played a role in the underground railroad leading up to the abolition of slavery in 1865.

President Lincoln: Reports are that Abraham Lincoln saw that tree when visiting Morris Ketchum, owner of Beechwood when it was part of the Hockanum estate.

We did not know this history when we purchased Beechwood and set our mission to share the arts with the surrounding community by building a collaborative community of artists, performers and audiences across the divisions of age, gender, race, cultural backgrounds and lifestyles, or when we included collaboration and community conversation in our mission to explore meaningful, and sometimes difficult and complex, themes through the arts. But we believe that a space retains the energy of its history to influence its future!

Say Their Names. Stop The Violence.

Trayvon Martin Yvette Smith Eric Garner Michael Brown Tanisha Anderson Laquan McDonald Natasha McKenna Akai Gurley Tamir Rice Jerame Reid Eric Harris Walter Scott Freddie Gray William Chapman Sandra Bland Darrius Stewart Samuel DuBose Janet Wilson Calin Roquemore Alton Sterling Philando Castile Joseph Mann Terence Crutcher Chad Robertson Jordan Edwards Aaron Bailey Stephon Clark Danny Ray Thomas Antwon Rose Botham Jean Atatiana Jefferson Michael Dean Ahmaud Arbery Breonna Taylor George Floyd Rayshard Brooks (THIS WEEK even as the protests are happening!) and many others never reported as a crime - NO MORE!

Our AMPLIFY Partners