Synesthesia is an exploration of the great blending of all forms of creativity and the growing need for collaboration between generations and across the cultures of the world.

We put out the call to consider, interpret, discuss, collaborate and create around this rich theme and 60 creators answered that call!

These 60 creators cross generations from students (15!) to masters of their craft. They also cross cultures and race – white, black, Latino, citizens and refugees – and they tackle issues around the globalization of cultures. They are all creators, curious and exploratory, coming from many fields. These 60 individuals together represent at least 11 disciplines yet they collaborated across these disciplines…

Visual Artists, Sculptors, Writers, Performers, Innovators, Makers, Musicians, Technologists, Storytellers, Singers, Entrepreneurs, Filmmakers, Poets, Engineers, Scientists, Chefs

…and established connections they never would have in other circles and created even more experiences and ideas and empathy for other perspectives than their final creations even show.

Synesthesia is special because it is a window into a future where collaboration becomes second nature and diverse people come together to solve the biggest problems of the world.

Sonic Sanctuary in the Rain

Frederick Johnson and Daniel Kelly improvise on audience words on Synesthesia

Interactive Collaborative Art