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And here is our complete 2018 calendar:

April 21: Westport Maker Faire “Make Connections, Build Peace”

April 27: BFD #6 “Fired Up!”

June 2, 8-11pm: “Fired Up!” Jazz/Art Immersion Salon

June 3, 3-5pm: “Fired Up!” Art Open House

June 7, 6-8pm: “Fired Up!” Art Open House

June 22, 7-9:30pm: BFD #7 “Being Open”

July 22, 2-6pm: The Beechwood Open 2018

September 7, 7-9:30pm: BFD #8 Theme TBD

October 14, 2-5pm: Fall Arts Immersion Salon, Theme TBD

October 19, 7-9:30pm: BFD #9 “Fate”

October 14


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