High 5 with Joshua Bell


After launching Beechwood’s debut (see Four Seasons), Joshua Bell returned to give us a “High 5” to celebrate our 5th year of bringing collaboration, innovation & inspiration to the arts.

  1. Meet & Greet Platinum Guests met the performers in a Meet & Greet before the concert catered by Festivities.  

  2. Sponsor a Student, Inspire a Life! Frederic and Joshua met privately with students and parents of Bridgeport-based KEYS and Turnaround Arts to talk about their time as music students and to encourage and inspire the students (and sign CD’s and programs!) The students were sponsored by Beechwood Arts patrons for Beechwood’s “Sponsor a Student, Inspire a Life!” program.

  3. “Looking Back” Conversation The performance opened with a conversation, moderated by WQXR’s star broadcaster Elliott Forrest, between Frederic and Joshua who have been friends and collaborators for over 35 years. They talked about their years as aspiring musicians and their many tours together as professionals.

  4. Performance Frederic Chiu, Joshua Bell and Larisa Martinez (soprano) gave a completely inspiring, virtuosic, up-close-and-personal performance wowed the audience. Many claimed it was a once in a lifetime experience.

  5. Champagne Celebration Platinum and Gold patrons joined Joshua, Frederic, Elliott and Larisa for champagne, desserts and fresh-made sweet and savory crepes to celebrate 5 years of Beechwood Arts.

The Beechwood Experience

Thanks to our sponsors

Thanks to our “Sponsor a Student, Inspire a Life” partners

Special High 5 Recognition to our “Circle of Support!”


Amy Richardson and her Circle

Day Moore & James Fairweather


Maureen & Lawrence Zlatkin and their Circle of friends

Lance & Terry Lundberg and their Circle of friends


Mary & Nate Yordon and Tim & Anne Hughes

Makiko Coakley and her Circle

Ananth Krishnamurthi

Trammi Nguyen & Michael Guadarrama

Photo credits: Elisa Keogh and Keelin Daly